Tai Chi Workout Tips

Tai Chi  combines movement, meditation and breathing, to enhance the flow of vital energy in the body, to increase both physical and mental well-being. Is one of the most broadly applicable systems of self-care in the world and is suitable for both young and old alike. Essentially,all tai chi styles have far more in common with each other than they havedifferences. All improve health, reduce stress and help you move more gracefully. All develop chi and use slow-motion, flowing, circular movements.

In China, it is estimated that 300 million people alone practice Tai Chi. Tai Chi however is not just practised in China, in the 20th century it spread throughout the world and as we enter the 21st century, it is more popular than ever.

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Here are some strategies for establishing your tai chi workout routine, and how to best structure your workout:

  • Practice several times a week, at the same time of day. Try to aim for workout sessions of 20 minutes or more. Make this your regular tai chi workout routine.
  • Establish a place for your tai chi workout.
  • Structure your tai chi workout with warm up exercises, form repetitions, and closing exercises.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Direct training with your Tai Chi master.
  • Set a regular practice time. Everyone has a number of competing demands on their time. The thought of adding another component to an already filled day may be daunting. But, establishing a regular tai chi practice is the best way to start gaining its health and stress control benefits.

Practice at least several times a week. A daily practice of tai chi is recommended, but you can start with sessions several times during the week. Find a time that works for your schedule and set a regular practice time.

Make your workouts 20+ minutes. Once you’ve established your practice time, try to spend at least 20 minutes in your workout. This is the minimal amount of time needed for the blood to completely circulate throughout your body.

Warm Up

Warming up your body is important for facilitating Tai Chi movements. According to Tai Chi instructor Ellae Elinwood in her book, “Stay Young With Tai Chi,” Tai Chi warm ups not only help open your body, they also promote a relaxed attitude and encourage a state of well being. One basic Tai Chi warm up is the waist loosening exercise. Stand with your feet parallel and slightly wider than hip-width distance apart. Relax your arms by your sides. Rotate your hips to the right and then the left, allowing your arms to follow the movement of your body. Let your arms hang loosely and flap against your body as you make each rotation. When your body has warmed up, incorporate your neck, shoulders and spine in the rotations, making each movement smooth and fluid.
Windmill Exercise

The windmill exercise is one of the basic Tai Chi movements for promoting flexibility and opening up your spine. Stand with your feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulder-width distance apart. Relax your shoulders and let your arms hang loosely. Bring your hands in front of your body by your pubic bone, with your fingers pointing down toward the floor. Inhale and raise your arms up the center of your body and over your head, fingers pointing up. Stretch toward the ceiling and arch your spine slightly backward. Exhale and slowly bend forward to the floor, moving your hands down the center of your body. Bend forward from your hip joint, allowing your arms to hang loosely in front of you. Inhale and return to your starting posture.

Hand Exercises

The Tai Chi hand exercises help open up your hands and promote flexibility in your shoulders, arms and fingers. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width distance apart. Raise your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor at shoulder height. Stretch your hands as wide as you can, then begin rotating your wrists in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise direction.

Let the benefits and philosophy of tai chi be with you as you go about your day.

Suppose a driver narrowly cuts you off on the freeway. Instead of shooting off a slew of four letter words and sending him a look that could kill, try dropping into the tai chi breathing pattern. Relax your eyes and, as in the tai chi form, keep on moving.

You may find, with practices like this, that your days as well as your life can be rounder, fuller, and smoother—just like well-executed tai chi moves.

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