November 20, 2017

Tai Chi Master

Tai Chi Master

Often speak Tai Chi master ,We think of many people. for example:Zhang San Feng , Yang lu Chang , Chen Wang Ting ,Wu YuXiang, Sun Lu Tang,Wu Chuan Yu, Yang BanHou, Yang Cheng Pu , Yang Zheng Guo more. These are the Chinese Tai Chi master.

Tai chi master in china ,  Our masters are some of the best in China. They are authentic martial arts masters having honed their skills over their lifetimes. They have a large range of experience teaching students.

Master Guo is one of the most famous traditional Chinese Kung Fu Masters and Tai chi master ,comes from a traditional Kung Fu family .he begun to learn Wushu from eight years old , His grandfather began to train him. learned the basic skills . He then joined the local kung fu community and was taught by more professional kung fu masters.

during the martial art training hard, never talk too much, only training, seems to be one of the robot have been turning, and training. During this time, he traveled in China and learnt Tai Chi, Xingyi, Nan Quan, Fuhu Quan from different famous masters.
He has over then 25 years of teaching experience with students of different levels and nationalities. He is one of the most outstanding and famous masters in China. Guo Shifu has a very friendly and opened way of communicating with students, he shows the right methods of practicing, and can help everyone to develop an individual Kung Fu style. All the students love him as a father.

His disciples come from all over the world,such as USA,UK,France,Russia,Italy,Sweden,Finland,Korea,India and so on.

tai chi masterTai chi Master (Zhijing Wu), born in 1946, was very fond of Wushu since childhood. He started to learn Hong Quan from Master Chenggeng Li in 1964. Then he studied Yangshi Tai Chi Quan with master Zhenguo Yang ,who is the Grand master of Yangshi Tai Chi Quan . As the 5th generation of Yangshi Tai Chi Quan, he is also awarded vice-chairman of the Chinese Tai Chi committee, the coach of international martial collage, the committee of Beijing Wushu association and Handan Tai Chi council, the director of Tai chi Theory Institute , the national Tai Chi Quan coach.

Master Wu has taken active participation in different kinds of Quan studies and got a good reward in many contests. during the year 93,95,98,04,05,06,09,11 etc, he went to many places like Henan, Beijing, Guangzhou ,shanghai to take part in national martial arts competitions in tai chi ,sword, and straight sword and also in Chinese tai chi summit forum. he is also awarded as national level 1 and a special guest who gives speech in Japan, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Tianjin, Beijing sports university and Singapore. He has been teaching the practical skills about Tai Chi Quan and made a great contribution in Yangshi Tai Chi Quan.

essays chosen for national martial arts summit forum ,eg:

  •  essays awarded second prize at the national martial arts paper,
  • essay catalogued in the Proceedings of Han Dan : maps deduced from philosophy of Yi
  • Tai Chi Quan marked graph,

search to reveal the academic ideas:

  1. the theory of Tai Chi Quan is Yin Yang reverse and harmonious
  2. the first element of Tai Chi form is to wait first and never start first. Life is movement and health is to obey the rules of moving and motionlessness.
  3. the standard of Tai Chi Quan is : Philosophy Yi keeps up to the universe, so Tai chi is subject to the universe’s rotation .
  4. Tai Chi aims to integrate with multipurpose. Its brilliance lies in free from excess and deficiency and its magic lies in the opportunity of advance and retreat.

Master Wu’ s students are from different countries from all over the world such as Britain, America, France, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Singapore, Japan and etc.

and all his students has been awarded with countless golden and silver medals in many international competitions. They have made great contributions in carrying forward the Chinese martial arts and the Tai Chi culture.

Masters Xu (Shi Yanhao)also came from a strong background in martial arts, and his grandfather started his training from a very young age. At the age of seven he started training in traditional martial arts in earnest as well as tai chi and boxing. By age twelve he was studying full time in the Shaolin temple. Turn into 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, & 6th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

He gained proficiency in traditional Shaolin kung fu fighting skills, sanda, Shaolin boxing and fighting skills, Qi Gong, wudang kungfu ,qinna,Bagua, traditional forms such as Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Shaolin Luohan, Tong Bei Quan, to name a few. weapon forms include: drunken sword, Shaolin Pudao, Shaolin Spear, Shaolin gun, whip, broadsword, three section, double spear, straight sword and many, many more!

It is clear that there is no one favoured weapon for a Shaolin. shaolin monk training , master xu has his favourites: drunken sword, pu dao (a large metal staff with a large clever like blade at the top), double spears and the whip. He states that he prefers these weapons as they are his specialities, and especially enjoys the whip forms he has learnt.

Because of the international fame of the Shaolin temple it receives a multitude of requests from film companies who wish to film in the area and use the students and masters as extras or casts members. Master Xu has participated in some films, most notably 鸿门宴 (the English title is listed as 'White Vengence), and you can see pictures from his time filming in his gallery page.

He has participated in martial arts competitions and large scale performances obtaining excellent results in the General Assembly Shaolin Boxing Tournament in Dengfeng (the home of the Shaolin temple) as well as traditional routine competitions, the Sanshou Exchange Games, a performance at the highly acclaimed Shanghai Expo and many performances at the Shaolin Temple stage ground. He spent some time in Zhengzhou to participate on traditional routine form and undertook Buddhist theory at the Shaolin temple during his time there.

Because of the accomplishments throughout his training and his undoubtable skill, Master xu has received commendation from the temple's abbot and the head masters - a great and hard won honour for any maestro.

In 2010 he began to teach martial arts, namely to foreign students and has quickly built up a large range of experience. His training uses a no-nonsense approach, keeping students on their toes with many different teaching methods to help increase their abilities in all areas of kung fu. A great teacher with a friendly personality and an open outlook. When he takes on new students, he quickly gains them as friends.

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