November 1, 2017

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi yang

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is one of the gems in the realm of Chinese martial artsYang: The Most Popular Tai Chi Style. If you see someone or a group doing tai chi, odds are they’re practitioners of the Yang style. This is the most popular and widely practiced tai chi style throughout the world.Fluid, Slow Movements. The Yang form is typically done with slow, steady movements, which help practitioners to relax and to feel the flow of energy within their bodies. The movements are large enough to foster a sense of exuberance and freedom.

Beautiful to watch, relaxing to do, the Yang style is also lyrical in its moves, which include “Fair Lady Works the Shuttles”, “Needle at Sea Bottom”, and “Grasping the Sparrows Tail”.

Yang Lu Chan 1799-1872,He was born at Yong Nian Xian, Guang Ping County, Handan city,Hebei Province (河北邯郸,广平府永年县) was the inventor of the old yang style. Old because it is the oldest of the Yang style forms, many regard this as the ultimate Tai Chi form, as it has a perfect balance of slow energy gathering movements and explosive energy releasing movements. It also has a perfect balance of movements on both left and right sides. Some other forms do not have such a perfect balance and have to be done on both left and right sides to get what you would get from the Yang Lu Chan form on one side alone. It is the epitome of what Tai Chi is, a martial/healing art. Unlike other forms which are just for health, the old form also teaches you about deadly Dim-Mak fighting. But still retains the highest healing qualities of all the forms.

Yang the Invincible. The Yang style has been associated with calm, aware, deliberate energy flow since its very beginning.
yang lu chan The founder of the Yang style, Yang Lu Chan, earned the nickname ‘Yang the Invincible’ for his incredible martial arts skills. Yang not only defeated his opponents but won his battles without injuring them. While some challengers thought only about winning by hook or by crook--by killing or by maiming—Yang exercised incredible discipline in honorably dispatching his opponents.
His skill caught the attention of the emperor, and Yang was rewarded with the job as martial arts teacher to the emperor’s personal guard—an honor given only to the best martial artist in China.

Ever since the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Yang Lu Chan, his sons Yang Ban Hou and Yang Jian Hou, his grandsons Yang Shao Hou and Yang Cheng Fu, and his great-grandsons Yang Zhen Ming, Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Duo, and Yang Zhen Guo have all worked together to research, change, develop, and spread Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Stduy Benefits

The slow movements of the practice forms help beginners to the overcome tension and resistance which may normally impede their actions.

Focus on internal energetics. By focusing on the slow flow of movements, practitioners gain more awareness of their bodies. This awareness later extends to feeling the flow of internal energy—the internal power generated by a tai chi practice. Practitioners experience an increased sense of well-being and health through this type of Yang style practice.


Tai Chi Yang Style has become extended and graceful, carefully structured, relaxed, gentle and flowing, while still maintaining the martial arts aspects. It is also a method for improving health and curing illness. Tai Chi Chuan is loved by tens of millions of practitioners, spreading Tai Chi Yang at home and abroad. It has become the most popular of all Chinese martial arts, providing a remarkable contribution to the health of mankind.

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