November 16, 2017

What is Tai chi ?

What is tai chi ?


Tai chi Is to China traditional philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism in Tai Chi, yin and Yang dialectical philosophy as the core idea, the functions of maintenance of temperament, physical fitness, martial arts Sanda etc. as a whole, with the changes of yin and Yang and the five elements of learning, meridian, guidance and tonalide operation to form a Neiwaijianxiu, soft, slow and flexible and the traditional arts of ancient China move among force and soft.

Today, tai chi has spread worldwide. This particular way of moving is practiced by over 300 million people. Most modern styles of Tai Chi Chuan trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools:Chen,Yang,Wu (Hao),Wu and Sun.

Just what is tai chi?

The Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan can be translated asthe 'Supreme Ultimate Force'. The notion of 'supreme ultimate' is oftenassociated with the Chinese concept of yin-yang, the notion that one cansee a dynamic duality (male/female, active/passive, dark/light,forceful/yielding, etc.) in all things. 'Force' (or, more literally,'fist') can be thought of here as the means or way of achieving this ying-yang, or 'supreme-ultimate' discipline.

Another aim of Tai Chi is to foster a calm and tranquil mind, focused onthe precise execution of these exercises. Learning to do them correctly provides a practical avenue for learning about such things as balance,alignment, fine-scale motor control, rhythm of movement, the genesis ofmovement from the body's vital center, and so on. Thus the practice of TaiChi can in some measure contribute to being able to better stand, walk,move, run, etc. in other spheres of life as well. Many practitioner snotice benefits in terms of correcting poor postural, alignment ormovement patterns which can contribute to tension or injury. Furthermorethe meditative nature of the exercises is calming and relaxing in and ofitself.

History and styles

There are five major styles of Taichi chuan, each named after the Chinese family from which it originated:

  1. Chen style Tai chi Chuan of Chen Wangting(1580–1660)
  2. Yang style Tai chi Chuan of Yang Luchan(1799–1872)
  3. Wu Hao style Tai chi chuan of Wu Yu-xiang(1812–1880)
  4. Sun style Tai chi Chuan of Sun Lu-t'ang(1861–1932)
  5. Wu style tai chi chuan of Wu chuan yu(1834–1902)

The Philosophy of Tai Chi

Though described as an exercise—even the Perfect Exercise—tai chi is more than a simple exercise. Tai chi is a framework for dealing with different forces and interactions in life. It might even be called the art of yielding. A tai chi martial artist yields to the force of an incoming fist, and may then use the attacker’s force against him. The interaction is not about meeting force directly with force.

  • Qi— an energy force thought to flow through the body; tai chi is said to unblock and encourage the proper flow of qi.
  • Yin and yang— opposing elements thought to make up the universe that need to be kept in harmony. Tai chi is said to promote this balance.
Health benefits of tai chi

The benefits of tai chi are said to include the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression, and the enhancement of mood, both in both healthy people and in those with chronic conditions.

Some of thebenefitsclaimed for tai chi include:

  • Better mood, with lower levels of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength
  • More energy and stamina
  • Enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility
  • Lowerblood pressureand improved heart health
  • ReducedInflammation
  • Fewer falls.

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Tai Chi for Beginners

No pain, big gains . Although tai chi is slow and gentle and doesn't leave you breathless, it addresses the key components of fitness — muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and, to a lesser degree, aerobic conditioning.
In every movement, every part of the body must be light and agile and strung together. The postures should be without breaks. Motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, directed by the waist and expressed by the fingers. Substantial and insubstantial movements must be clearly differentiated .

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